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Meet the team: Aimee Severn

Meet the team: Aimee Severn

Whether you’re a tenant at Eleven Brindleyplace or have popped in for a meeting, you will have no doubt met our wonderful Front of House, Aimee Severn.

Always here to give our tenants and visitors a warm welcome, Aimee is a key member of our team. Not only does Aimee brighten up our reception desk and help our tenants with their needs, she frequently organises events and pop-ups for the building to enjoy too.

We recently caught up with Aimee to find out more about her role at Eleven Brindleyplace and a few of her favourite things to do in the local area.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your job

My name is Aimee, I have been working as front of house for Eleven Brindleyplace since April 2022, so over 2 years now! I tend to call myself the boss which our building manager Neil will agree with.

What does a normal working day look like for you?

I come in at 8am and take over from security, I will greet all tenants that come in to start their working day, usually have a chat and see how their evenings or weekends have been.

I then work closely with the building manager Neil, and Matt who works in maintenance as well as the cleaners to ensure that there is a smooth running of the building so if there are any maintenance issues I will coordinate this and speak to Matt and the M&E contractors to organise a job to be carried out.

I organise various events within the building, including pop-up events, which have been a lot of fun. These events often feature quizzes with prizes, ranging from chocolate to spa days. Additionally, organising charity events is an important aspect of my job, I’m always looking ahead to see how we can support local charities.

What has been your favourite event that you’ve organised?

Most of our events have been so fun! Just one event is difficult for me to pick.

In the past, we had a pick-and-mix sweet company set up a large shop in our reception area. It was a fun experience for all our tenants. Another memorable event was when a primary school choir came to sing Christmas carols in our reception lobby in 2022. The children were adorable, and our tenants enjoyed watching them perform.

I could go on forever, but finally, we did an Amazon wishlist collection for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Another member of the front-of-house staff in the Brindleyplace estate and I got together to organise a collection of toys and gifts, put them into hampers, and deliver them to the children’s hospital ourselves. It was so rewarding to see exactly where the collection was going and know we had done something that would make an impact.

How do you travel to the office?

Sometimes I drive or I will get the train. I really enjoy the commute no matter how I travel, it is nice having the option. There is a lovely walk from the station on a summer’s days and if I want to get to work a bit faster I jump straight onto the metro which is so convenient.

Where are your favourite places in Brindleyplace?

Like everybody else I speak to, I love to sit in the central square by the fountains. Brindleyplace is a beautiful place to work. However, Rudy’s is my ultimate favourite place; this is a pizza restaurant 2 minutes away from the building. I often see people coming into the building with pizza boxes from Rudy’s on their lunch, which makes me very jealous!

What’s your favourite place in Birmingham?

The library in Birmingham has a roof terrace where you can go up and relax. It is free to go into, and it is so tranquil with some beautiful views.

What do you like about working at Eleven Brindleyplace?

I always say how much I love working here, but if I had to choose one thing, it has to be the people! In the two years I have been working here, I have formed amazing relationships with the people who work here. I see the same people day in and day out and get to learn about each person individually. I have made some friends for life.

What’s your favourite thing about working with the team at Eleven Brindleyplace?

The whole team works equally together, but we all also get on as individuals, so we can all relate to each other, which creates a happy working environment. We all see each other as a team and make everything we do a team effort. With the cafe now being open, I am excited for them to be involved and see how much of a laugh we all have together and be a part of that! We really are lucky to have each other.

What’s your go to order at a coffee shop?

I really wish I drank coffee after the amazing comments I have heard about the coffee in the new cafe, but my go-to order has got to be a hot chocolate with a raspberry and almond bake.

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