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How Eleven Brindleyplace supports tenant wellbeing

How Eleven Brindleyplace supports tenant wellbeing

At a time when achieving a harmonious work-life balance and prioritising employee health have become paramount, Eleven Brindleyplace has taken substantial measures to guarantee that its tenants enjoy access to resources and amenities that actively foster a culture of wellbeing and a strong sense of community.

As part of this commitment, Eleven Brindleyplace offers its tenants access to on-site health and wellbeing initiatives, including yoga classes facilitated by YinYan Wellbeing CIC.

Working with YinYan to improve tenant wellbeing

Founded by Robin Ellis in 2015, YinYan’s mission is to empower individuals by providing them with the tools, skills, and confidence necessary to enhance their mental and physical wellbeing. Central to YinYan’s ethos is cultivating a warm and inclusive community where people can find their place and become part of a nurturing support network.

YinYan offers a diverse and extensive range of classes, encompassing a broad spectrum of holistic practices. These include mindfulness, meditation, yoga, pilates, music, art, and more. This wide variety of offerings reflects the belief that a comprehensive approach to wellbeing encompasses both the mind and the body, and recognises that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

YinYan’s founder, Robin, offers a distinctive outlook to this endeavour. Initially, Robin pursued a career in the property industry, but a dive into yoga, pilates and meditation redirected his path. Through personal experience, he discovered the profound benefits of these practices in terms of physical health, mental fitness, and overall wellbeing. This transformative journey led him to shift his career path, calling him to share these benefits with others.

Since the inception of YinYan, Robin has actively collaborated with a diverse range of corporate partners, offering a welcome respite for workers looking to complement their desk-bound jobs. This initiative extends to establishments like Eleven Brindleyplace, where employees can take a break and engage in revitalising activities.

These classes provide more than just an opportunity to stretch and move. Beyond physical exercise, sessions are designed to address the whole person, nurturing holistic wellbeing that extends far beyond the mat and into every aspect of life.

Transforming stress into serenity with YinYan

The impact of wellbeing classes on tenants is substantial.

A survey conducted by YinYan in July 2023 revealed some eye-opening results. Participants experienced a remarkable enhancement in their overall wellbeing, with wellbeing scores surging from a pre-class average of 5.89/10 to an impressive 9.56/10 afterwards – an astounding 62% improvement.

An overwhelming 100% of participants attested to feeling happier and healthier following their sessions. The instructors from YinYan received unanimous acclaim for their friendly and highly professional demeanour, earning a perfect 100% agreement from all participants who wholeheartedly recognised their top-notch teaching.

YinYan’s classes are thoughtfully designed to accommodate the unique needs and preferences of diverse tenants representing a broad spectrum of age groups. Whether a seasoned yogi or a complete beginner, all tenants are welcome to join the classes.

The feedback and testimonials shared by participants provide additional valuable perspectives on the beneficial influence of these classes:

“The yoga class at work helped me mentally, giving me a complete refresh for the rest of the day.”

“Loved doing the yoga class on my lunch break. Really enjoyed the sessions.”

“This session improved my mindset, and I felt amazing.”

“I feel lighter in mind and body, simply wonderful.”

“It was a really good session, especially taking time away from work.”

These comments underscore the importance of wellbeing classes in the workplace and their ability to enhance both physical and mental health.

Discover more ways to thrive at Eleven Brindleyplace

At Eleven Brindleyplace, tenants can enjoy more than just the enriching classes offered by YinYan. The building also has amenities that prioritise tenant wellbeing.

The new design will reconfigure the building’s substantial double height reception and ground floor business lounge and deliver best-in-class amenities including an on-site café and a client event space.

With strong focus on ESG, the scheme also includes an upgrade to ‘end of journey’ facilities, comprising secure bicycle storage and repair station, fully equipped showers and lockers.

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